Bird-friendly smart lighting (Ameland - The Netherlands)

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Bird-friendly smart lighting (Ameland - The Netherlands)

The island of Ameland has a series of ambitious sustainability goals for 2020. As part of the Sustainable Ameland Agreement, the municipality, Philips Lighting, GasTerra, and NAM are committed to working together and trialling innovations in the field of sustainable energy on the island. Ameland also supports the Dark Sky World Heritage Wadden Sea Region programme of UNESCO that aims to reduce light pollution in the island and protect darkness, nocturnal wildlife, and the environment.

In the scope of these two programmes, Ameland has implemented a connected and energy efficient LED street lighting project that uses Philips ClearSky, a technology that uses a subtle blue-green light spectrum designed to be friendly to migrating birds and other nocturnal animals, respecting their biological systems and internal compass.

These LED street lights integrate sensors (Philips LumiMotion technology) that detect human movement and are wirelessly connected to a lighting management system (Philips CityTouch) that enables remote control and monitoring of individual lamp posts. When no motion is detected, the lights are automatically dimmed to a level that compares to moonlight. The adoption of this new smart lighting network saves maintenance costs, improves the sense of security of the pedestrians, and reduces energy consumption by up to 70%.


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Improved Urban Lighting.


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- Improve the urban lighting system to save energy, increase public safety and help birdlife.


City of Ameland, Philips Lighting, GasTerra, and NAM (partners of the Sustainable Ameland Agreement).

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