e-health in e-estonia (country level - Estonia)

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e-health in e-estonia (country level - Estonia)

Estonia has a completely digitalised healthcare system optimised by e-service delivery, saving costs and providing widespread access to quality healthcare.

People who visit a doctor in Estonia have an Electronic Health Record (e-Health Record) that is kept safe through the use of the electronic ID-system that uses KSI Blockchain technology (only authorised individuals can access the data). The system integrates data from the whole country (collecting data from various healthcare providers who might use different systems) and creates a common record that every patient can access on the e-Patient portal. The system enables proper management of emergency situations (as data is available to anyone who has the patient’s ID code and access) and data collection for health statistics (trends, epidemics, and so on).

The innovative e-prescription method is another key element of the electronic healthcare system in Estonia. A paperless solution for medical prescriptions via an online form, that avoids unnecessary visits to the doctor to collect repeat prescriptions (doctors are available by e-mail, Skype or phone). The patient just has to present his / her ID-card at the pharmacy to collect the prescribed medication. The e-prescription system also comprises information from the health insurance fund, thus any medical subsidies are immediately applied.

Some results of Estonia’s e-Healthcare System so far (data collected in 2018):

- 95% of health data digitised;

- 97% of patients have countrywide digital record;

- 99% of prescriptions are digital;

- 500,000 queries by doctors every year;

- 300,000 queries by patients every year;

- 100% electronic billing in healthcare.




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Improved e-Governance and citizen services;

Improved Health for Citizens.


Description of the specific objectives:

- Improve the quality of life of the citizens by providing a more efficient and digitalised healthcare system.


Estonia Central Government; Nortal; Helmes; Guardtime.

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