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Datapoa is the open data platform of Porto Alegre where citizens can build on the available data to develop smart solutions for the city, actively participating in the urban development and improvement of their communities.

Barcelona’s Smart City Strategy has a holistic view of the city, comprising several projects that resort to technology as a transversal tool to manage the city’s resources and services in a more efficient way.

DigiTel is an e-government and citizen engagement initiative that was launched in the beginning of 2013, to address all kinds of issues that the citizens of Tel Aviv face.

In Lugano, Switzerland, a partnership between Swiss Post, EOC hospital group and the drone manufacturer Matternet was established to deliver laboratory samples and urgently needed medication between two hospitals (Ospedale Italiano and Ospedale Civico) using drones. More than 100 test flights have already been operated since the beginning of the project in March 2017.

Launched in 2016, when the Global Blockchain Council was created, the Dubai Blockchain Strategy is an initiative that aims to explore and evaluate the latest technology innovations that demonstrate an opportunity to deliver more seamless, safe, efficient, and impactful city experiences.