Kitakyushu Smart Community (Kitakyushu - Japan)

Case Study

Kitakyushu Smart Community (Kitakyushu - Japan)

The Kitakyushu Smart Community Project was developed in the Higashida district from 2010 to 2014 (5 years), comprising 26 projects and a budget of JPY 12 billion, with the aim of developing a more sustainable and low-carbon society. This Town Development project was developed around 5 concepts:

1. Town planning with the participation of the residents (coexistence of companies and communities);

2. Society where local energy providers coexist (development of new energy generation systems from different sources: cogeneration, hydrogen, solar, and wind power);

3. Society that visualises energy to promote change (Cluster Energy Management System for optimal supply and demand, Dynamic Pricing, Smart Energy Meters, and Community Storage Batteries);

4. Development of an Energy Community Designed for and with the Consumers (change the energy structure of the area through energy management by consumers that respond to dynamic pricing);

5. Creation of a social system that puts lifestyles into perspective (EcoDrive Support System at nextgeneration service stations, monitoring services using smart meters, and community bus services using ICT).

Some of the results of this project were: a considerable change in behaviour due to dynamic pricing; a peak cut effect of about 20% in households and of around 9% in offices with an incorporated Building Energy Management Solution; a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 50% in the Higashida district area (compared with other areas in the city).


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Improved Energy management.


Description of the specific objectives:

- Transform residents and businesses that use energy into “prosumers” (producers and consumers) by installing photovoltaic systems;

- Implement selfmanagement systems so that prosumers can work directly with energy providers to manage their energy needs and uses;

- Introduce dynamic pricing and incentive programmes;

- Prevent global warming;

- Create a recyclingoriented and lowcarbon society;

- Develop an ecocity.


Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.; Kitakyushu Smart Community Council (77 groups and businesses).