Park and Joy (Hamburg - Germany)

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Park and Joy (Hamburg - Germany)

The city of Hamburg is making parking easier through connected parking areas and an app called “Park and Joy”. T-Systems (part of Deutsche Telekom) is cooperating in the development of this “Find-Book-Park-Pay” system provided by the municipality to inform drivers about the available parking spaces.

About 11,000 public and private parking spaces (such as parking garages) are being digitised by sensors placed by LBV that will feed the app with real-time data through an Internet of Things solution. Park and Joy also allows the reservation of parking spots and payment of the respective fees.

An additional functionality of the app consists in calculating the probability of a parking space becoming vacant, using other sources of data such as ticket machines or information of parking operators.

The cloud platform on which the project is built serves as an open marketplace for other stakeholders of the parking industry to use as they wish.


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Improved Intelligent Transport Systems.


Description of the specific objectives:

- Improve parking procedures in the city and, consequently, reducing traffic congestion due to all the driving around to find a vacant place.


City of Hamburg; Deutsche Telekom; LBV (local transport company).

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