Plznito (Pilsen - Czech Republic)

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Plznito (Pilsen - Czech Republic)

The city of Pilsen, Czech Republic, is on its way towards becoming one of Europe’s smartest cities. A series of initiatives have been undertaken by the city to improve municipal services involving citizens in the process. Besides the Smart Edu Pilsen plan and the city-wide Internet of Things-connected network, Pilsen offers several digital services for citizens. A free Wi-Fi network is available in tourist destinations and city buildings, making it easy for the citizens to access the internet and use the Pilsen apps.

Plznito (which translates into “Pilsen it”) is a website ( for fault reporting and grievance redress, allowing citizens to report a wide range of problems in the city, such as damaged benches, public lighting issues, waste dumping and collection problems, missing traffic signs, and so on. Citizens are always informed about the outcome of their reports and they can view other reports as well. The functionalities of Plznito are also available in the mobile app Plzeň – občan (“Pilsen – Citizen”), available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

To create a report, users just have to take a picture of the urban property problem, describe it in the website or app, wait for the report to be forwarded to the responsible municipal department, and view the result of the report when it is solved. The platform was launched in 2015 and solves an average of 180 reports per month. Until the present day, 3,217 reports have been resolved, 312 reports were rejected, and 170 reports were not within the scope of the city’s responsibility (data from 21 February 2018).

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Improved e-Governance and citizen services.


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- Allow fault reporting and grievance redress;

- Improve public service delivery and provide a quick response to the problems of the citizens.


City of Pilsen.

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