Rotterdam Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (Rotterdam - The Netherlands)

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Rotterdam Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (Rotterdam - The Netherlands)

The Rotterdam Climate Change Adaptation Strategy is being developed in the scope of the Rotterdam Climate Initiative, which aims at reducing carbon emissions by 50% and making the city 100% climate proof by 2025. Being a city located in the Dutch delta, Rotterdam has the responsibility of tackling the increasing challenges related to climate change, improving the air quality, and limiting noise pollution to ensure a sustainable future for its citizens.

At the core of the Rotterdam Climate Adaptation Strategy are the guiding principles for all projects: relying on a robust system (maintain and strengthen it), ensuring adaptation and resilience (optimised use of the urban space), working together and linking in with other projects in the city (providing information and taking action), and creating added value for the environment, society, economy and ecology.

Rotterdam already had implemented a series of effective measures, such as a robust system of dykes, dams, flood barriers, and a water system with sewerage, canals, ponds and pumps. Some of the new solutions that have been deployed in the city are: extra water storage in new buildings, water squares, green roofs, a knowledge centre for floating buildings, and flood proofing measures for buildings and outside areas.


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Improved Water management;

Improved Energy management;

Improved Health for Citizens.


Official objectives for a Climate Proof Rotterdam:

- Ensure that the city and its residents are safe from the water;

- Guarantee that the city and its residents suffer as little inconvenience as possible as a result of too little or too much rain;

- Ensure that the Port of Rotterdam remains safe and accessible;

- Make the residents of Rotterdam aware of the consequences of climate change and inform them about what they themselves can do to adapt to it;

- Guarantee that the climate adaptation projects contribute to a comfortable, liveable and attractive city;

- Ensure that climate adaptation strengthens the Rotterdam economy and its image.


Rotterdam City Council; Port of Rotterdam NV; DCMR Rijnmond environmental department; Deltalinqs (umbrella organisation for Rotterdam industry).