Santa Clara Free Wi-Fi via Smart Meters (Santa Clara - United States of America)

Case Study

Santa Clara Free Wi-Fi via Smart Meters (Santa Clara - United States of America)

In 2013, Silicon Valley Power, the municipal power company of Santa Clara, installed about 600 transmitters all over the city to offer free Wi-Fi to its residents and visitors. This project is part of the smart power meter implementation programme (SVP MeterConnect).

Transmitters were installed on streetlights around town and ensure a satisfactory connection speed for e-mail or web browsing (it is not as fast as a home broadband connection, but it covers basic internet needs). The network should not be considered a secure portal, and users have to take this fact into account when accessing it.

The digital smart meters send regular electricity and water usage reports via the wireless network (eliminating the need for monthly readings by public workers), while also providing free outdoor internet access through a separate channel. In its first week of operation the network registered 3,000 users per day.


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Improved e-Governance and citizen services;

Improved Water management;

Improved Energy management.


Description of the specific objectives:

- Provide free Wi-Fi to the citizens of Santa Clara;

- Improve energy and water management in the city.


Silicon Valley Power (City of Santa Clara’s municipal electric utility).