Smart building - Lilacs International Commerce Centre (Shanghai - China)

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Smart building - Lilacs International Commerce Centre (Shanghai - China)

The 150,000 m2 Lilacs International Commerce Centre, located in Shanghai, has an integrated total building management system from Siemens. The central command centre is equipped with full analytics and reporting functions, covering every aspect of the building’s performance: building automation, fire safety and security, lighting, and power distribution.

The building complex comprises 2 towers with 32 floors each, including retail spaces, offices, commercial activity areas, a cultural centre for exhibitions and other activities, and broad green spaces. The centre is certified in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for its optimised energy efficiency.

Shanghai Shanchuan Real Estate Co is the developer and operator of Lilacs, and Siemens has been involved in the process since the design phase, allowing for a seamless integration of all the required technologies in the fabric of the building. A cloud-based platform ensures thorough monitoring of the infrastructure and maximisation of the building’s energy efficiency. Smart LED lighting systems with biosensors guarantee that the light intensity is always comfortable. The intelligent heating system delivers economic warm water and environmental sensors measure the spaces’ temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration levels, to adjust the settings whenever needed.


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Case study country(ies)
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Improved Energy management.


Description of the specific objectives:

- Integrate smart and sustainable building technologies in the buildings of the future;

- Improve buildings’ energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.


Shanghai Shanchuan Real Estate Co; Siemens.

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