Smart Parking (Montpellier - France)

Case Study

Smart Parking (Montpellier - France)

Parking a car is becoming increasingly difficult in city centres all over the world. In the city of Montpellier, a solution developed with Libelium’s “Connected Parking” technology has been implemented by Montpellier Mediterranean Metropolis, a public entity that promotes Internet of Things projects, and the company Synox.

With the aim of promoting traffic fluidity and increasing rotation of parking spaces near Montpellier’s Shopping Centre and Town Hall, 20 Smart Parking nodes were installed by Synox on the surface of the roadway on the parking areas for people with reduced mobility and delivery services to relieve traffic congestion and improve access to parking spots. The Smart Parking sensor network is connected to the metropolis LoRaWAN private network, where the data is displayed in real-time.

The Connected Parking system is part of an open data approach that allows users to benefit from the available information and create new services for a smarter and environmentally-friendly city.

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Improved Intelligent Transport Systems.


Description of the specific objectives:

- Reduce traffic congestion in the city;

- Reduce the search for a parking place and, consequently, pollution levels and carbon emissions.


Montpellier Mediterranean Metropolis (public organisation); Synox (private company); Libelium (private company).

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