Smog Free Tower (Beijing - China)

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Smog Free Tower (Beijing - China)

The Smog Free Tower is the largest smog vacuum cleaner (7 metres tall) in the world, created by Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde. The tower is part of the larger Smog Free Project, which includes the Smog Free Ring (a piece of art made of compressed smog particles – the result of cleaning 1,000 m3 of polluted air – that served as a fundraising project to finance the Smog Free Tour in its first stages) and the Smog Free Bicycle (the latest addition to the project is an innovative bicycle that inhales polluted air, cleans it, and releases clean air around the cyclist).

The vision behind the Smog Free Project is to be an inspiration for a worldwide smog free future. So far it has already been implemented in Beijing (where the first Chinese pilot was launched in 2016), Tianjin, Rotterdam and Kraków.

The Tower inhales polluted air and cleans it on a nano level using patented positive ozone-free ionisation technology, running on wind energy and consuming only 1170 W. The result is 30,000 m3 of air cleaned per hour, 50% of PM2.5 and 70% of PM10 smog particles collected and removed, and a 55 to 70% cleaner air around the tower than in the rest of the city. “For a tower in an open field in calm weather, this provides PM10 reductions up to 45% and PM2.5 reductions up to 25% in a circle with a diameter of more than 20 m around the tower. When the tower is applied in semi-enclosed or enclosed courtyards, the beneficial effects can be much larger.” (Prof. Dr. Bert Blocken, Eindhoven University of Technology, and KU Leuven). This green and innovative local solution for clean air is ideal for spaces such as city parks.

The Smog Free Project has won a series of Awards: Grand Award for Sustainability, Design For Asia, Hong Kong; Gold Award, Design For Asia, Hong Kong; Graphite Pencil, D&AD Impact, US; Notable Design for Social Impact Award, Core77, US; Platinum Award, A'Design Award, Italy; German Design Award, Excellent Product Design, Germany.


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Improved Health for Citizens.


Description of the objectives:

- Provide a local solution that improves air quality and, therefore, citizens’ health and quality of life in urban settlements.


Studio Roosegaarde; ENS Technology; Ursem; China Central Government – Ministry of Environmental Protection; Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China; Film Method Works; City of Rotterdam; Stichting Doen; Port of Rotterdam; ING Poland; Eindhoven University of Technology; KU Leuven.

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