Traffic flow monitoring (Zaragoza - Spain)

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Traffic flow monitoring (Zaragoza - Spain)

The city of Zaragoza implemented WorldSending’s bitcarrier Traffic Flow Management technology to improve urban mobility and efficiently manage traffic conditions. The technology comprises a software suite and 150 sensors installed throughout the city’s roads.

The smart traffic management system provides real-time information about the traffic situation, allowing the city workers to make informed decisions to redirect traffic to alternative routes and empowering citizens to plan and adapt their journeys according to their needs. The solution includes a mobile app and a web platform for users to plan their urban journeys and calculate their duration.

The bitcarrier system enables monitoring 90% of the city’s roads and 30% of its daily traffic. With the implementation of this solution, Zaragoza City Council has a real-time overview of the city’s traffic situation and is able to plan and respond effectively to emergency situations and adverse traffic conditions, sending police officers to the location if intervention is needed and remotely controlling traffic lights in case of congestions. Now citizens can benefit from less traffic jams, reduced pollution, and a lower risk of road accidents.

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Improved Intelligent Transport Systems.


Description of the objectives:

- Improve traffic management: reduce congestions and travel times;

- Reduce carbon emissions and, consequently, enhance air quality.


City of Zaragoza; WorldSensing – Connected Operational Intelligence (development of the bitcarrier solution); Agora Networks (development of the mobile application).

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