Official name
Republic of Colombia
South America
ISO 3166-1


The Santalaia Building in Bogotá is an eleven-storey residential building that has greenery covering its entire façade: the largest vertical garden in the world. The project was a collaboration of the companies Paisajismo Urbano and Groncol, and it was completed in 2015.

The neighbourhood of Comuna 13, located on the periphery of Medellin, is one of the poorest in the city. Crime and gang wars gained the upper hand, and Comuna 13 became known as the most violent neighbourhood in the city of Medellin. For several years, approximately 12.000 dwellers of Comuna 13 used to climb hundreds of steps to get from the city centre to their homes.

Bogotá is the capital of Colombia and has a population of about 7.5 million people. The city economy is developed and diversified. Its commercial and business activities are increasing significantly. The main financial and banking centres of Colombia are located in Bogotá.

Medellín is the second-largest city in Colombia and the capital of the department of Antioquia. It is located in the Aburrá Valley, a central region of the Andes Mountains in South America. The city has an estimated population of 2.5 million as of 2017. The metropolitan area of Medellín is the second-largest urban agglomeration in Colombia in terms of population and economy, with more than 3.7 million people.

Medellín is important to the region for its universities, academies, commerce, industry, science, health services, flower-growing and festivals.

Bogotá is the capital and largest city of Colombia. The city is located in the center of Colombia, on a high plateau 8,660 feet (2,640 metres) above sea level known as the Bogotá savanna. It is the capital and largest city of Colombia administered as the Capital District. Bogotá is a territorial entity of the first order, with the same administrative status as the departments of Colombia. As the most populous city in Colombia, Bogotá had 6,778,691 inhabitants within the city's limits (2005 census) and 10,200,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area.