Official name
Eastern Europe
ISO 3166-1


Miskolc is a city in north-eastern Hungary. It has a population of 161,265 (1st Jan 2014) and a population of 263 658 in the metropolitan area. It is also the county capital of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén and the regional centre of Northern Hungary.

Miskolc is known for its heavy industry, and the largest boost to its economy was indeed provided by the industrialization during the Socialist era; in fact industry (including metallurgy) has a long history in the city.

The local government is trying to strengthen the city's role in culture and tourism.


Miskolc is a city well-known for its heavy industry and, consequently, the quality of the air is low (smog is a serious issue in the city) and CO2 emissions are high. Having the second largest district heating system in Hungary, the municipality needs to improve its energy management and become more environmentally-friendly.