Green growth approach must for smart city: World Bank team leader

Karnataka Workshop Inaugural Session

Mangaluru,  February 03, 2017. World Bank Task Team Leader Shashank Ojha said a green growth approach is essential for the implementation of Smart City Mission. He was making a presentation on 'Karnataka - Smart Cities PAN City ICT Solutions' at the opening of two-day workshop on 'Smart Cities Mission - Karnataka: Planning and Initiation Meet for ICT Solutions' held under the aegis of Government of Karnataka and Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) here on Friday.

Ojha said that the nation is witnessing a reverse trend in agricultural development with more people from rural areas preferring migrating to urban areas in search of green pastures. "There are several environmental challenges including the Green House Gas Effect in addition to air pollution and increase in the global temperature that have direct impact on human health. While development at the cost of human health is a major concern, moving towards a sustainable smart city is a solution," he suggested.

He said that the Indian Economy is moving very fast with World Bank supporting several projects and the government of India introducing various schemes.

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