Solutions knowledge map

Solutions comprise of a knowledge map taxonomy in five levels:

  1. Theme - the overarching main strategic framework aligned to the United Nations' three dimensions of sustainable development.
  2. Domain - constitutes the broad sector or scope of interest.
  3. Objective - what policy makers and urban planners wish to achieve in one or more domain(s).
  4. Smart Solutions (Inputs and Actions) - designed and deployed to meet one or more objectives.
    These can consist of both a) the assets and inputs needed (finance, human and organizational resources, ICT, infrastructures, etc.) and b) the actions carried out using the assets and inputs to meet an objective.
  5. Indicators - quantitative, qualitative or descriptive measures developed to assess the extent to which each smart solution has achieved the objective(s) which it is designed to meet, whether fully or partially, i.e. to have beneficial outcomes and impacts.
Knowledge map
Knowledge map

Each level can refer both ways so that an objective can belong to more than one domain, but it can also reference more than one smart solution.

Communities, people, cities, case studies, documents, and products are all referencing this knowledge map so as to interlink the information within it.